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Bible Class 3/3/21 – John Guzzetta

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Teaching Values: Contentment
Jeff Asher Webster defines contentment as “the state of being contented: satisfaction…not desiring more than one has: satisfied; resigned to circumstances, assenting, satisfied with things as they are.” In the Bible content is from two words. The first word, ARKEO; means “to be possessed of unfailing strength, to be strong, to suffice, to be enough; passively […]

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“Maturity is…”
Mackey W. Harden A reader in Chapel Hill, N.C. wrote Ann Landers and asked her to return her definition of maturity. As I read the 8-point definition, I immediately realized that these principles also applied to maturity concerning spiritual matters. The New Testament certainly teaches that we as Christians must grow to maturity, striving to be full-grown […]

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Beautiful In Its Time
David Padfield The Old Testament is a collection of 39 books given to man by our God. These books vary in style from the impassioned preaching of the prophets to the reflective wisdom of Solomon. Ecclesiastes begins with the elusive phrase, “Vanities of vanities.” It means “absurdity, frustration, futility or nonsense.” The point the writer makes […]

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